Paul Taylor
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plum tree budding

2 years ago

Do you do cuttings to propagate new trees?  I have just started doing that this winter: taking cuttings from various trees and sticking them in pots of soil.  Since things have started warming up I am seeing buds and sprouts all over. It is exciting. I hope they last and are able to root. It gets very dry here so I will have to be very mindful of them the first year I think.
2 years ago
We have good friends who are organic fruit farmers (peach, plum and cherry). We've done a barter thing and these plum trees are part of the exchange. So I don't intend to experiment with these much because:

a: we'll get some more as part of the on-going deal, that have been got through the difficult first part by someone who knows what they are doing, and

b: we have other gardening projects that are higher on the water priority list.

You are completely correct about buds and sprouts being exciting -- the broad beans started poking through today. :-)
2 years ago
Next question:  Are you familiar with Elderberries?  I have been trying to grow some. They seem to have a sort of cult-following.
There is a native-californian type I have been cultivating, but when I have ordered bulk elderberries online they seem to all come from Europe.
2 years ago
Prolific where I'm from (north of England). My Grandma used to make elderflower cordial and elderberry wine. Never saw them cultivated because they were just "in the woods". I have never seen them in Catalunya.