Help Zot - the red koala - enhance Zot Suite!

Help Zot - the red koala - enhance Zot Suite!

Let us raise 100 000 NOK or about 12 000 USD by May 20 2022. I have pledged 1000 NOK, but any amount above 0 is most welcome.

To this end, I have created a pool on PayPal, available from the link below. The money will go to the principal developers of Zot Suite, represented by @mike in Australia and @Mario Vavti in Austria. Please share throughout the Fediverse as widely as possible. :-)

Zot Suite - click to contribute to fundraiser through the PayPal pool! Share this link, please!


Help Zot - the red koala - enhance Zot Suite! Zot Suite are decentralized and social publishing solutions with built-in privacy for nomadic identities, for you, your friends and family. Zap and Hubzilla are the best known parts of Zot Suite. Available since 2010 as Free Libre Open Source Software you can use, change, distribute, and even provide commercial services for, perhaps as a coop, a private company or as a community service. Zot Suite uses the Zot protocol to provide a network of interconnected websites with authentication and authorization between people or services channels on these decentralized hubs. Zot - the red koala, is the protocol mascot, and the koala needs your help. Thank you for helping Zot!

NOTE 1: I know some people disapprove of PayPal, but if your mother and father can use it  from their phones to help Zot - the red koala, we have an easy way to actually get money to the developers. :-)

NOTE 2: I do not need money, I have money and a steady job full-time job. I am NOT running away with the fundraising money.

I am no celebrity, but I am well known through my work in Norway. There are lectures of me on YouTube from MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona. It is easy to find where I work now. I am listed in the phone book. There are many newspaper articles about me in Norwegian newspapers over the years.

I have never done a fundraiser before, so I am a little worried about doing it correctly vis-a-vis the Norwegian Tax Administration.

As far as I can tell from Skatteetaten's - the Norwegian Tax Administration's own home page about crowdfunding, see and this article in the economic magazine DinePenger (YourMoney) , the crowdfunding can, if considered a gift, be tax free OR a tax of 22% can set.

I will call the Norwegian Tax Administration and find out.

Another worry is when transferring the money to Mike and Mario, will they be taxed in their respective countries of Australia and Austria for this gift? I hope not, but I do not know yet.

A third worry pointed out by a Norwegian friend, is that PayPal may make things difficult. Again, I hope this is not the case, but if so I will try to find a way to get the money to Mike and Mario. If all fails, then return the money to the givers through PayPal.

This message is also available to the outside world through a Hubzilla web page at

Please share it through your social media. Thank you for helping! :-)